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7 Tips on Maintaining Your Workspace Clean

As a professional residential and commercial cleaning business in Yuma, Arizona we have seen some pretty messy offices including those who work from home. Here our 7 tips on how to maintain your office workspace clean.

  1. File! File! In order to have a clean workspace you must have a really good filing system. You may have to make changes to your currently system and find one that is right for you. You should have things filed by category so it can be easy to find them in the future.

  2. Clean and disinfect weekly. Viruses are breeding round the clock, especially when it comes to hard surfaces, like office desks, office floors and so on. Make sure your office administration staff routinely cleans door handles, countertops, keyboards and doorknobs with anti-bacterial solution to remove the germs.

  3. Office pantry etiquette. The office pantry is a very tricky place – you can’t avoid it, but nor can you be friends with it. The best practice is to carry your own coffee and tea mugs and wash them at least twice a day.

  4. Organize your cables. Our workplaces live off of technology with a proliferation of wires and cables. Besides being a safety hazard, these unsightly cables can cause excess dust and can also make you feel more disorganized. Rain gutters bought at a hardware store can be attached to the back of a desk and the cables can be run through them, out of sight.

  5. Ventilation and air-condition facilities at the work place. It is important you have fresh and clean air supplies in your office round the clock. Make sure that your office has a proper exhaust system in place as it helps in fighting the infectious airborne viruses, making sure that you are breathing clean and germ-free air.

  6. Get rid of what you don’t use or need. A messy desk usually builds up over time. The last thing you want is for customers or clients to think they are walking into an episode of hoarders. Anything that has not been used in a week should not be visible in your workspace.

  7. Don’t eat at your desk. Eating at our desks is a bad habit that many of us are guilty of. This practice can leave behind a mess of crumbs and stickiness all over your work area. By having a designated area where employees can eat, you will minimize desktop dirt while providing your team with a gathering place to relax.

To obtain a free estimate for your office cleaning needs contact us at 928-503-2488.

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