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10 Things to Do at Home Before You Go On Vacation

You and your family have long awaited your next vacation. You booked your flights, you reserved your hotel and even hired a dog sitter. What's there more to do? Wait how about cleaning your home or making sure all the trash is taken out before you return to a smelly house. Here are 10 things to do at home before you go on vacation! BTW did you know we clean homes?

1. Turn off your main water supply

2. Unplug all electronics

3. Turn off or turn down your air conditioning thermostat

4. Consider investing in a light timer

5. Stop mail service

6. Pour baking soda down all drains

7. Clean out refrigerator or freeze the rest

8. Let a family or friend know of your whereabouts

9. Call your insurance to make sure it is up to date


ADIOS!!! Now that you have completed the entire list you can leave with peace of mind on your adventure.

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