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10 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Let's be honest for a bit and admit it is very hard to maintain your bathroom clean all week! Especially if you are a working mom in Yuma and are tight on time. You not only have to wake up, make breakfast, get the kids ready and possibly pack lunch for all of them, so maintaining your bathroom clean is the least of your worries. Here are a few tips from our cleaning team in Yuma to help keep your bathroom clean for longer periods of time!

1. Drop in some toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit throughout the day.

2. Wipe down countertops after using it.

3. Give your shower a spray while your in there with store bought your DIY vinegar mixture.

4. Keep only the makeup you use daily out in a smaller case or bag. Once you use it you can simply seal it up and put it away.

5. Keep cleaning products readily available where you easily grab them. Keep a rag or paper towels on hand.

6. Use foaming soap it doesn't get stuck on the sink compared to the gel kind.

7. Keep the bathroom clutter free!

8. If you have shower doors spray rain repellent to keep them from staying on them.

9. Brush your teeth facing backwards! Keeps you from spraying all over the mirror and counter.

10. Use dryer sheets and lint roller to clean the baseboards.

Remember this are all suggestions from our team at Carmen's Cleaning Service LLC in Yuma. We hope find them to be practical and always remember to contact us for any commercial or janitorial services in Yuma!

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